Artemis Faces Orion

(This was the first piece I ever published, back when I was a college freshman. Needs some work, I won’t lie, but shout out to Blooming in the Noise!)

Borrow control, I wear it as my reason.
Empathy and sympathy leave me naked,
For I don power only.

And why should I fold?
Is there any sense in jumping from buildings,
Starting a fire, falling in love?
None that I can see.

We were alkali.

His conscious subservience met the façade
Of my contentment.
In the midst of implosion,
I saw through to our subliminal natures.

Time warps; time lies. Tick-tick-tick
I can’t tell anymore what the difference,
A clock, a heart.
They’re both machines to me.

“Does fierce loneliness beget fierce independence?”
The only question I wanted to ask him, he couldn’t ever answer
But his mouth moved to turn me cold.

His tongue, quick thrusts, burst out, “I am Man!
Death, and flame, and sex are all within me –
I hold the passions of the ages!”
Yes, he is Man and will always be Man, but no lover of mine.

Yes, he is Man and will always be Man.
And I –
I shall forge ahead in solitude
And gladly mistake it for strength.

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