The Drake’s Song

To create today’s word bank, I used the metaphor generator from day one to find my base words. I wound up with the lovely phrases: ‘you are the creams down the lake’; ‘fervors are like gravelly gushes’; ‘this crisp bouquet is balmy’; ‘the suicidal glucoses sour the bouquet’.

TW. This piece is a commentary on bystander effect in the vein of #metoo.

The green-headed drake in his greeny downs
to the observers around the bushes
glides agilely with nary a slight sound.
Dreams his queens into his palsy clutches;
balmy blood will flow once champagne gushes.
Those inverters on the shore, only awake
to leer, in their sagacity mistake
brutality for romantic fervors.
Feather bouquets blot soured air and lake:
a keepsake of love for those observers.

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